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Hochalmbahnen, Rauris, County of Pinzgau, Principality Salzburg, Austria

Skiing in Rauris, Ski area - Hochalmbahnen

"Skiing is the best."
Top Pists, Fantastic pists !!!

The skiing area in the Raurisertal is one the most beautiful in the alpine region. The clear area offers an exciting runway experience by its various runways for each ski driver and snowboarder. The comfortable summit piste lift, an 8-cabin railway, takes you up comfortably and fast up to 2.175 m altitude. There, apart from the great view onto the mountain, a huge , tree-free runway net expects you, which gives you the feeling of freedom. With fantastic northeast pistes you find a deep snow paradise which is absolutely unique! No matter whether professional or beginner, everybody finds something superb in the valley of Rauris. Cosy huts and bars invite you to stay and have fun with apres-ski.
Rauris in the winter just a dream
Winterabenteuer bei den Hochalmbahnen in Rauris Apress-Ski - Hochalmbahnen

If you dip into the soft powder snow, show your edges with the carving swing. Rauris spoils the individualists among the winter sportlers with a cosy ambience and encouraging beautiful nature! You also have to experience the freedom on the boards with the new summit railway which takes you up to 2.175 m!

The Rauriser Hochalmbahnen offer an unrestricted runway fun in the family-friendly skiing area Rauris to you and guarantee excellent service.

By means of a Live panorama camera you can see the weather and runway conditions in the Internet or with the local TV-system. Prices, a runway map with description of lifts and much more you find on the Hochalmbahn web page.

Freedom on the skis, which stand for the wonderful winter world ...
Skiing - Hochalmbahnen Rauris Skiing - Hochalmbahnen Rauris

with beautiful north-east pistes it opens a fantastic deep-snow paradise with no comparison. The new be-snowed valley descent 'Heimalm' offers even more fun on the pistes for young and old. The open area is being dealt as a 'top secret tip'!

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